about love by Anondra Williams (review)

Almost everyone who has fallen (or tip-toed) into love discovers that the way it is depicted in most media is a fantasy. Love can be joyful, messy, disappointing, painful and delicious. It can be two or more of these things at once. Have you found yourself in a relationship without any idea of how toContinue reading “about love by Anondra Williams (review)”

Girl Trouble Mysteries

In the early 90’s, one of my favorite places to go in Baltimore was the GLCCB – Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore. There was the youth group on Saturdays – and afterward a trip to Never On Sunday for pizza. A black lesbian support group that met either Thursday or Friday? The groundContinue reading “Girl Trouble Mysteries”

It’s here! The Next Girl & Other Lesbian Tales (ebook)

The Next Girl & Other Lesbian Tales is now available via Amazon and Kobo. The Introduction: A collection of previously published stories, The Next Girl & Other Lesbian Tales is an eclectic mix of black lesbian fiction. These are stories of love, lust, desire, mystery, and revenge—with a touch of humor here and there. There are two storiesContinue reading “It’s here! The Next Girl & Other Lesbian Tales (ebook)”