about love by Anondra Williams (review)

about love by Anondra Williams

Almost everyone who has fallen (or tip-toed) into love discovers that the way it is depicted in most media is a fantasy. Love can be joyful, messy, disappointing, painful and delicious. It can be two or more of these things at once.

Have you found yourself in a relationship without any idea of how to nurture and take care of it? Perhaps, you did not know that love needs to be tended to at all…

The characters in about love are often in that uncomfortable situation – realizing that love needs more. Even long term partners who appear to have the complete package are emotionally fumbling around in the dark.

What happens when you put so much work into a relationship that you have nothing left for yourself? Why Is the wound from that old betrayal still fresh? Are you – or she – still picking at the scab? Through all sorts of situations – sickness, lies, heartbreak, uncertainty – these women are trying to figuring out how to move forward in love.

I was surprised by some of the choices the characters made. More than once, I sided with one person but, as more of the story was revealed, found my opinion shifting. Sometimes, there’s no one to blame.

Bottom line: Anondra Williams’ about love features poetry and short stores that pack a big, emotional punch. Highly Recommended.

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