about love by Anondra Williams (review)

Almost everyone who has fallen (or tip-toed) into love discovers that the way it is depicted in most media is a fantasy. Love can be joyful, messy, disappointing, painful and delicious. It can be two or more of these things at once. Have you found yourself in a relationship without any idea of how toContinue reading “about love by Anondra Williams (review)”

Pat Greene: Her Story (Book Review)

In Pat Greene: Her Story by Anondra Williams, an elderly Pat looks back over her life and shares stories of love, loss, heartbreak and laughter. A black lesbian in 1950’s rural Mississippi, Pat was kicked out of the house at 17 because her mamma disapproved of her nasty ways. She started out as a naiveContinue reading “Pat Greene: Her Story (Book Review)”