About Tawanna


  • a pisces who can’t swim but loves the ocean and seascapes
  • writes sometimes….erotica/romance has been published….unpublished mystery and suspense stories
  • has no illusions/desire about writing the great american novel–but may try a sci-fi trilogy one day
  • enjoys a Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque every once in a while
  • is quite happy staying in on the weekend and watching a mystery movie marathon (hooray for Netflix!)
  • is an African-American lesbian who, for a time, was known as “Marie’s gay daughter” even though I’m her only child
  • often fantasizes about being a crooked minister and fleecing a flock–but I would never do such a thing…without a good accountant (I kid!)
  • loves Martina and making her laugh
  • likes her coffee black and her tea unsweetened
  • has almost every Agatha Christie title in paperback, plus dvd boxsets of Peter Ustinov AND David Suchet playing Poirot. And Joan Hickson, Margaret Rutherford, Helen Hays and Angela Lansbury playing Ms. Marple
  • likes to think that scientist have got it wrong and that dinosaurs were really dragons
  • is happiest–in the summer–with a pitcher of iced tea and a dozen or so crabs (Maryland crabs, of course)
  1. Hello, I have the painting you posted about “Five Were Wise / Five Were Foolish”, by Eva Nagy. I don’t know much about her but I love her work. I read in your post that you have been to the house once owned by her. Where is it? Also, is it opened to the public? Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I enjoyed reading it.

    • Hello. The house is in provincetown on commercial street. It is a private house next to the Lovinger Gallery. The owners (her relatives?) rented it out for the summer.

  2. I remember my big cousin on her typewriter as a young girl I wanted to be just like her even trying to type my own stories on her typewriter when she was not around. The photo of our grandma reminded me of the purest form of love I have ever felt and I am soo proud you are being who you truly are and how you reached your dream of being a writer. Wherever you are in the world I Love You and am soo happy for you. Andy

  3. I love Miss Marple and Poirot. Perhaps we need to get together for a day of mint julep for you and something stronger for me with a movie marathon. I will introduce you to Rosemary & Thyme, I love them too. Please give my love to M.

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