Don’t Sleep On The Killer Sofa!

What a difference a few months make! It’s like we’ve been dropped in the middle of a SyFy original movie. Doesn’t it feel like sharks could rain down at any moment? What I’ve been up to: Publishing a print edition of The Next Girl & Other Lesbian Tales. It’s available via Amazon and includes aContinue reading “Don’t Sleep On The Killer Sofa!”

No Exchanges – No Returns (An Excerpt)

Deadly Bargain: A Colors In Darkness Anthology – on sale Feb 14th An Excerpt from my story:  No Exchanges – No Returns Victor stood off to the side as Sabrina approached the strange man and his table of curiosities. The dealer swept his dreadlocks to the side and turned on the full force of hisContinue reading “No Exchanges – No Returns (An Excerpt)”