Van HelSING – The Musical

(a scenes from a work in progress…) Setting: Boca Raton, Florida Main Characters Mistress Grace – Owner of The Batherie, a spa and retreat center that offers a unique brand of physical rejuvenation. Dr. Vreeland Cutter – President of Plastic Surgeons Association Since The Batherie has opened, plastic surgeons in the region are losing richContinue reading “Van HelSING – The Musical”

Vampire Bite Blog Hop – Teaser #2

What’s the use of having a famous last name if you can’t profit from it? There were comic, books and movies depicting the adventures of his ancestor, but he didn’t see a dime. Noooo. All he had were bills and crank calls from goths. “Hollywood,” he mumbled to no one in particular, “that’s where theContinue reading “Vampire Bite Blog Hop – Teaser #2”