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Vampire Bite Blog Hop – Tease #3

The Lady in question didn’t look a day over 35, which is quite a feat for a woman who claimed to be 102.

Want to know Her beauty secret?
Find out Valentine’s Day

Vampire Bite Blog Hop – Teaser #2

What’s the use of having a famous last name if you can’t profit from it? There were comic, books and movies depicting the adventures of his ancestor, but he didn’t see a dime.

Noooo. All he had were bills and crank calls from goths. “Hollywood,” he mumbled to no one in particular, “that’s where the real v-vultures are.”

Bob Van Helsing couldn’t even bring himself to say that other V-word.

Will Bob live up to the family name and get his own shot at fortune & fame?
Find out on Valentine’s Day

Vampire Bite Blog Hop – Teaser #1

Candice knew something was wrong when Simon–who had come over every other Friday night for “cocktails” for the last two years–stopped dropping buy. She got worried when he stopped returning her calls and angry when her monthly allowance disappeared.

How dare the old man reconcile with his harpy of a wife?

Find out what’s eating Candice on Valentine’s Day.

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