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Vampire Bite Blog Hop – Tease #3

The Lady in question didn’t look a day over 35, which is quite a feat for a woman who claimed to be 102.

Want to know Her beauty secret?
Find out Valentine’s Day

Vampire Bite Blog Hop – Teaser #2

What’s the use of having a famous last name if you can’t profit from it? There were comic, books and movies depicting the adventures of his ancestor, but he didn’t see a dime.

Noooo. All he had were bills and crank calls from goths. “Hollywood,” he mumbled to no one in particular, “that’s where the real v-vultures are.”

Bob Van Helsing couldn’t even bring himself to say that other V-word.

Will Bob live up to the family name and get his own shot at fortune & fame?
Find out on Valentine’s Day

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