Love & Horror: Ben White and Jenny Templeton

Two strangers meet, face dire consequences together and discover they share a bond stronger than the situation trying to destroy them. If you end up saving mankind on your first date, it’s a good bet that other domestic issues will be a breeze. Movie:  Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf | Trailer Characters: BenContinue reading “Love & Horror: Ben White and Jenny Templeton”

Love & Horror: Julia and Frank Cotton

An active fantasy life can do wonders for a relationship. Delusions, on the other hand, are a path to heartbreak. If one isn’t careful, snap back into reality, what awaits is a special, self inflicted hell. Just ask our next couple: Movie: Hellraister | Trailer Characters: Julia Cotton and brother-in-law Frank Cotton (played by ClareContinue reading “Love & Horror: Julia and Frank Cotton”

Love & Horror: Stephen and Evelyn Price

It’s Halloween. Last year, I highlighted some lessons from horror movies. This year, I’m focusing on my favorite horror movie couples. When the zombies/ghosts/werewolves/elves/etc are clawing through the door, it’s great to stand shoulder to shoulder with your sig other ready to burn/chop/slice your way to freedom or die trying. If it turns out thatContinue reading “Love & Horror: Stephen and Evelyn Price”