Love & Horror: Stephen and Evelyn Price

It’s Halloween. Last year, I highlighted some lessons from horror movies. This year, I’m focusing on my favorite horror movie couples. When the zombies/ghosts/werewolves/elves/etc are clawing through the door, it’s great to stand shoulder to shoulder with your sig other ready to burn/chop/slice your way to freedom or die trying. If it turns out thatContinue reading “Love & Horror: Stephen and Evelyn Price”

How To Survive #4: Splitting Up Is A Bad Idea

It’s hard for the killer to pluck you off one by one if the group stays together. No splintering off into pairs or threesomes–unless you just want to become bait. Going off by yourself is NOT a good idea. Beware the person who wants to catch or “talk to” the monster instead of killing it.Continue reading “How To Survive #4: Splitting Up Is A Bad Idea”