Love & Horror: Stephen and Evelyn Price

It’s Halloween. Last year, I highlighted some lessons from horror movies.
This year, I’m focusing on my favorite horror movie couples.

When the zombies/ghosts/werewolves/elves/etc are clawing through the door, it’s great to stand shoulder to shoulder with your sig other ready to burn/chop/slice your way to freedom or die trying. If it turns out that the one you exchanged rings with is your enemy, you’re kind of screwed.

That brings us to our first couple:

Stephen and Evelyn Price

Movie: The House On Haunted Hill (1999 remake) | Trailer
Power Couple: Stephen and Evelyn Price (played by Geoffrey Rush and Famke Janssen)

Plot: Stephen Price invites his wife and several strangers to spend the night in a haunted asylum. Those who don’t get spooked and make it through the night are promised a handsome reward. They soon discover that the asylum has no intention of letting them leave.

Why I Like Them: Stephen and Evelyn are both conniving, evil people. The chemistry between them is great; their banter reminds me of couples in older Hollywood movies. They would make a powerful force to reckon with–if they didn’t hate each other! The whole party is just intended as a backdrop in their deadly game. By the time they realize that the ghosts are playing…it’s a little too late.

Movie Worth Watching? – It’s not the best movie in the world, but it’s good, campy fun. This is an eat your popcorn and don’t fall into the plot holes kind of film.

Here’s a tribute to the unhappily married couple:

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