Love & Horror: Ben White and Jenny Templeton

Two strangers meet, face dire consequences together and discover they share a bond stronger than the situation trying to destroy them. If you end up saving mankind on your first date, it’s a good bet that other domestic issues will be a breeze.

No, Ben, seriously. Your sister is a werewolf.

Movie:  Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf | Trailer
Characters: Ben White and Jenny Templeton (played by Reb Brown and Annie McEnroe)

Synopsis: After discovering the truth about his sister, Ben teams up with  Jenny and the mysterious Stefan (Christopher Lee) to track down the werewolf cult responsible for her transormation.

Why I Like Them: Ben and Jenny are nice people who find themselves united by a common cause – finding out how Karen got mixed up with a bunch of werewolves. From the moment they meet at her funeral, they are down for each other and down for whatever. Showdown with werewolves in the cemetery? Hop on a flight to Transylvania at a moments notice? Interrupt the festivities of a 10,000 year old werewolf queen? Down. For. Whatever.

Through it all, Ben is a perfect gentleman. It’s Jenny who sets the tone when she insists on sharing a room with him in Transylvania. Also, she can shine a flashlight like nobody else:

Movie Worth Watching? Do you see the title of this movie? It’s a big, glamorous mess–part punk rock concert/part werewolf orgy/part festival in a small Transylvanian village. Along with the lovebirds mentioned above, it features Christopher Lee, Marsha Hunt, and Sybil Danning. Peep parts of the concert/werewolf festivities below.

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