Love & Horror: Julia and Frank Cotton

An active fantasy life can do wonders for a relationship. Delusions, on the other hand, are a path to heartbreak. If one isn’t careful, snap back into reality, what awaits is a special, self inflicted hell. Just ask our next couple:

Julia and Frank (now skin free!)

Movie: Hellraister | Trailer
Characters: Julia Cotton and brother-in-law Frank Cotton (played by Clare Higgins and Sean Chapman)

Synopsis: A desperate housewife seduces and murders men to help an ex-lover (her brother-in-law) who has escaped hell but left his skin behind. All of the action takes place under the nose of frustrated husband Larry.  Oh, Cenobites show up.

Why I Like Them: It’s all about Julia’s complexity. Think about this: how horrible does your marriage have to be for you to take up with the skeletal remains of your ex? Yet, when her Frank goes after her husband, begs her lover to spare his life. You know, this is going to end badly. There’s no way Julia and reconstructed Frank are riding off into the sunset. He’s never been a one woman type of man–this is Julia’s delusion. Nobody gets away from the cenobites–that’s Frank’s delusion.

Movie Worth Watching? Yes, this is the movie that introduced the world to Pinhead–who went on to terrorize extreme pleasure/pain seekers in a number of sequels. The scene where Frank first comes back is just fantastic work with pre-cgi special effects. The acting is great–it’s like a serious drama with gore.

If you can’t handle flesh being ripped this way and that, perhaps you should stick with the bunny version:

(The next couple will be a happy one–promise!)

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