Tuesday Terror: Mother Recommends…

My mom visited recently and took over the remote. She loves horror movies but between cable, Netflix and Hulu she kept getting “duds” – poorly acted films that had decent cover art. Even the movies that were good quality-wise bored her because the plots ran out of gas. When the conversation turned to our faves,Continue reading “Tuesday Terror: Mother Recommends…”

Tuesday Terror: The Evil (1978)

The Evil (1978) is a horror movie about a creepy house with a secret in the basement. A fellow (Richard Crenna) has bought a mansion that has been abandoned for several years; he plans to turn it into a rehab clinic. He invites a group of friends down to help get the place habitable. OurContinue reading “Tuesday Terror: The Evil (1978)”

Tuesday Terror: A Small Dark Place

A Small Dark Place by Martin Schenk (1997) is a horror novel that is broken into two parts. In part one, Sandra and Peter Wiley are on the brink of financial ruin. They have been struggling for years and have enemies dedicated to seeing them suffer and fail. Then, Sandra remembers an event from herContinue reading “Tuesday Terror: A Small Dark Place”