Tuesday Terror: Horror Potluck #3

Horror Express (1972) Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and a mysterious creature on a train. Telly Savalis pops up, too. Think Murder On The Orient Express dipped in a coating of blood. To say more would ruin all the wonderful little surprises in this classic horror.   Beast In The Cellar (1971) Two sisters fear thatContinue reading “Tuesday Terror: Horror Potluck #3”

Tuesday Terror: The Curse Of The Living Corpse (1964)

The patriarch of a family dies and it’s time for the reading of the will. There group assembled consists of a gambler, a drunkard, unhappy wives and mothers, mistreated domestic workers, a nice kid, a love interest and a lawyer. The dead man had made most of their lives miserable and he’s not through yet!TheContinue reading “Tuesday Terror: The Curse Of The Living Corpse (1964)”