Tuesday Terror: Something Creeping In The Dark (1971)

It was a dark and stormy night. Flooding has washed out local bridges and a group of unfortunate strangers find themselves at door of a mansion. The only house in the area, it was once owned Lady Sheila whose “passionate nature dominated both men and women.” In this mix of strangers, we have a doctor,Continue reading “Tuesday Terror: Something Creeping In The Dark (1971)”

Tuesday Terror: Uninvited (1988)

Our story begins when a cat breaks out of a science lab. Who knows what torturous experiments the feline has been subjected to? All we know is that it has something strange in its tummy…that turns kitty into a killer! Two women find the cat on the street. After a few pats and purrs, theyContinue reading “Tuesday Terror: Uninvited (1988)”