Terror Tuesday: Darna Zaroori Hai (2006)


In this horror anthology, children take shelter in what they think is an abandoned house to escape a rainstorm. They’ve inadvertently invaded the home of a grandmotherly woman who is happy for the company. After one of the boys boasts about not being afraid of anything, she offers to tell them six horror stories and promises they will all be scared by the end of the night.

Darna Zaroori Hai has a Tales From the Crypt feel. Even when the story has a twist that you can see coming, it’s still enjoyable.

Before the opening credits there is a bonus story that help sets the creepy yet comedic tone. Satish demands that his mother give him money so that he can see a late showing horror movie. Despite her warnings, he cuts through a cemetery to get to the theater. Anyone else would understand that walking through graves on a moonless night is bad enough; however, it’s also Friday the 13th.

Satish makes it to the movies and rushes the concession stand. “Hey quickly – give me the fried snacks!” After a night of laughing at the screen, something is waiting for him on his return home…

The other tales include: a professor who sees a ghost, a motorist looking for help lands on the doorstep of a weird couple, a family contending with an unwelcome guest, a film director writing his first horror movie, a man who wakes up in prison and doesn’t know why, and the wrap around.


Tip: Calling spirits to you is easier than getting rid of them.

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