Tuesday Terror: No End House (Ep 6)


Channel Zero: No End House
The Hollow Girl (Episode 6)

No End House is over. We don’t know what or why it is – because it doesn’t matter.

In the finale, the villain shifted from No End House to Seth. The house is almost an innocent bystander.

What’s the moral here? Don’t go home with strangers you meet at the bar? Figure out your daddy issues before you start dating?


I’m guessing the story about a girl who falls for a horrible guy (who leaves a trail of broken women in his wake) was sketched out first. They threw in some extra characters and a subplot or two to pad out the run time. A concept that could have made a decent 2 hour SyFy original movie became a bloated, six hour mini-series.

How did he manage to build a cage for his fake family?
How long has he been traveling with the house on the hunt for sad girls he can manipulate?
Moving from girl to girl, he moves into their houses. Total leech.


A year has passed between episodes 5 & 6. Outside of her scouring the web for news of the latest No End House sighting, do we find out anything about Jules life during this time? Did she ever reconnect with her family? What was that orb all about?
Who cares? Jules’ only purpose is to walk down the street like a bad ass covered in goo to save Margot.
Note how she helps Margot face her enemies (twice!) but she didn’t have any help at all dealing with that thing in the basement.

Before she found out her boyfriend was a manipulative bum, she wanted to destroy the house. If she had to live in this world, she didn’t want others to unwittingly fall into the same trap.
Once she sees Seth for what he really is, stopping the house is no longer in her top 3 things to do.

In summary:
Margot and Jules walk out of No End House friendship in tact.
Not The Father acted like a real dad.
Seth suffered the same fate as his ex-girlfriends.
No End House is free to lure new thrill seekers inside.
I scrubbed the saved episodes from my dvr.
Happy endings all around.

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