Tuesday Terror: No End House (Ep 5)


Channel Zero: No End House
The Damage (Episode 5)


The episode descriptions on cable spoiled me for episodes 5 and 6; I knew that Margot  was going back into No End House and Jules will attempt to save her. The big question: why would Margot go back?

Unfortunately, the show let us down a bit here. I understand why Margot would want to stop Not The Father’s immediate attack on Seth. However, once the danger was over, she could have run away or continued fighting. It feels off that she suddenly lost her will to fight.

Also, since Seth wanted her to go back in, I wouldn’t be surprised if he helped Not The Father escape NEH world. (Since the medicine didn’t kill Not The Father, could it be that the real father died of a different cause?)


To save Margot, I’m assuming Jules will have to finally face her orb. If it’s not an earth shattering reveal, it will be too little, too late. I’m not optimistic.
Yes, Jules gets to make up for the previous sin of abandoning her friend. Rah Rah friendship and sisterhood whatever. I wish she hadn’t been so willing to abandon herself.

Perhaps in the final episode, we will finally find out…who the heck is this:


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