Tuesday Terror: No End House (Ep 4)


Channel Zero: No End House
The Exit (Episode 4)

Interesting episode, yes?

No End House
-It can’t stop people from leaving, so it “hides”. The longer people are inside, the easier it is to convince them to stay. This makes me think that the house is really a conduit for someone or something else.
-The cornfield of abandoned/desperate creatures was an unexpected nice touch.
-With all of these starving things plenty of people have left or died on the house.
-The other creatures know who is human and who is not.
-All the guys in No End House were horrible this week – except Not The Father (for about 10 seconds)


-I knew it! Didn’t I tell you he was dirty?
-He is proof people can slip and out of the house. He could have helped them early on.
-How many people has he lured into NEH?
-The people in the cage are “related” to him somehow.

-He had no qualms about kidnapping and traumatizing a person he claimed to love.
-In his need to be in control, tying her down that ultimately led to her death.
-What would he have done to Lacey if they had gone back through the house and she still didn’t remember him? Keep her prisoner? Punishing her for not remembering him?
-And for all of his bravado, he was very easily taken out by Not The Father.
-More than his treatment of Lacey, I hate that the others never had a talk about what Dylan was doing. Even if they ultimately decided to go along with his POV, they should have at least considered the situation – especially after the poor woman desperately tried to escape.

Fake JD
-Proved himself utterly useless.
-When Real JD was around, he didn’t have to “do” anything. It’s easy to be a smooth talking, confident guy when you aren’t the one making decisions/facing consequences.
-He even suffered a similar fate as the Real JD.

-We only have 2 episodes left, can we get a clue to what’s up with Jules? We got a glowing ball and a bathtub…  (Oh and her room 3 was about a teacher.)
-If any passing creature can’t snack on them, who/what is eating Jules’ memories? Does the glowing ball roll on top of the memories and consume them?
-Good on her for saving Margot from the “teacher”.
-She’s so drained and confused that Jules gets to drive when they get out of the house this time.

-Needs a new boyfriend.
-Good on her for saving Jules from whatever that thing is.
-Leaving the house doesn’t mean leaving daddy issues behind.


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