What’s IT To You?


I probably won’t get around to seeing the new IT for a while.

I was resistant to a not-Tim-Curry Pennywise from the start. Yes, I know the miniseries has issues, but it was regular television, not cable. The writers and director were only going to get a fraction of the novel to the screen. Did it have a lot of gore? No, but – at the time – the show hit all of the creepy, scary, never-trust-a-clown buttons.

The early trailer for the new movie made me put my reservations aside. Pennywise in the slide projector was clever and the movie, in general, looked good.

Then, I saw a clip where the clown spoke….and the spell was broken. Pennywise sounded like a cartoon chipmunk (think Alvin’s uncle). IT went back to “meh”.


It also doesn’t help that I’ve been listening to the Castle Rock TV Podcast. They are doing a review/retrospective of the books and characters that will probably show up in Hulu’s Castle Rock, a new series based on the works of Stephen King. The first story they tackle is IT. Over several podcast they have explored the book and the miniseries.


So, in a sense, I’m full of IT. 🙂

I’ll get around to the new movie eventually; that opening weekend box office means IT will be haunting theatres for a while. The reviews and audience reaction suggest that I probably will like IT–when I give it a chance. For now, I’ve had my fair share of clowns.



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