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The Sinking Of The Titanic: The Board Game
The Sinking Of The Titanic
This board game appeared in 1975. Players had to rescue people from staterooms and race to lifeboats. The winner didn’t just win…it was implied that the losers and the people they tried to rescue were lost at sea. T’was perhaps a bad idea to have people perish in a children’s game linked to a real life disaster.  After it’s initial release the game was re-named Abandon ship. (source: boardgamegeek.com)

This means, of course, that copies of The Sinking Of The Titanic are rare and worth a nice bit of change now. The copy above is on display at the Greater Astoria Historical Society.

My guess is that the gaming company saw the popularity of disaster movies (The Towering Inferno-1974; The Poseidon Adventure-1972, and lots more) and wanted to cash in.

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