Five Were Wise / Five Were Foolish

More about the painting from the last post:
Five were wise and five were foolish

We are staying in the house once owned by Hungarian painter Eva De Nagy and it contains several of her pieces. This one is called Five Were Wise And Five Were Foolish and is based on the Parable of the 10 Virgins. To summarize the parable, 10 virgins were invited to a wedding party and were waiting for the bridegroom to arrive. The Five Wise Virgins had oil in their lamps, the Five Foolish Virgins had lamps but didn’t bring any oil. When the bridegroom shows up, everyone is supposed to light their lamps and join the procession. Guess who couldn’t light their lamps–and got shut out of the party?

In the painting (as in the parable), the five foolish virgins are hoping that they can share the oil/light of the five wise virgins but it’s impossible. It’s a warning for people who only pretend to be waiting for the bridegroom (Jesus): you can only get away with looking the part for so long…

The majority of the paintings here are religious images or depict fishermen in their daily activities. For example:

The painting on the left is Our Daily Bread. I didn’t see a title for the fisherman on the right, but isn’t he giving a Ben Willis vibe?

Oh, and here is the obligatory shot of the beach:

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  1. have same painting sign by
    eva DeNagy framed dame size has a C in a circle around c ? like to know if ay value (please) im 93 could use five were wise and five no so wise

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