(This is not a review but it’s spoilerish–be ye warned.)

We saw a 10:40am showing of Prometheus. Afterwards…

Me: So what did you like most?
M: The sound quality was fantastic.
Me: That’s it?
M: The surgery machine was great, every house should have one of those.
Me: Two–one for men, one for women.
M: The movie itself didn’t add anything new to the genre. Eh.

-How does reminding a woman that she is barren – when it’s obviously a very sore spot for her-lead to sex? That’s the weirdest foreplay ever.
-Does Dr. Shaw feel that she owes an explanation to the fruit of her loins?
-Since Shaw is headed to find her maker with a ship full of what she thinks is black, gooey death–is she going to find the answer to the all important question or, deep down inside, is it to destroy the creator’s who “abandoned” us? Didn’t David say that every child wanted to see their parents dead?
–I hope we don’t find out; no need for a sequel here.

With Prometheus there are faint echoes of Alien Resurrection.
-In both cases, the alien comes from the main female character.
-At the end of AR, Ripley and the robot are on the way back to earth. At the end of Prometheus, Shaw and the robot are together headed for points unknown.
-The creature that Shaw had an inadvertent hand in creating is traveling back to earth in the alien amplified dna of Ripley.

For a more thorough review/discussion of Prometheus that contains spoilers:
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One last thing.
When they first meet and Fifield tells Milburn,”I’m not here to be your friend” – I was reminded of this:


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  1. Fifield’s “I’m not here to make friends” line reminded me of every season of America’s Next Top Model ever.

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