WILTW: Grim Fairy Tales Can Come True

(Warning: mutilation/murder of children) “Oh, Granny, your teeth are tremendous in size!’/’They’re to eat you!’ — and he ate her!” Growing up, my mother would tell me a gruesome story. When she was a teenager, it was discovered that the son of one of the neighbors killed children. He put the bodies in the woodsContinue reading “WILTW: Grim Fairy Tales Can Come True”

Pranks For The Memories…

This is my first birthday without Tamara, so I’ve been a little bleh. We always did something to celebrate our day. Nothing big-dinner, exchanging gifts-just happy that we made it another year. I think about what we would have been doing now. I would have convinced her to see Get Out; we’d talk about allContinue reading “Pranks For The Memories…”

WILTW – Hidden Figures: The Secret of Hampton High School

It’s 1956. Mary Jackson is a computer at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. She wants to continue her education and get an engineering degree. Good news: The University of Virginia offers engineering courses at a local high school – Hampton High. Bad news: Hampton High is for whites only.┬áMs. Jackson has to petitionContinue reading “WILTW – Hidden Figures: The Secret of Hampton High School”