WILTW: Werewolves In Cabot Cove

What I Learned This Week: Many of the¬†guest stars in the Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble episode of Murder, She Wrote (1989) were also featured in 80s horror films. I used to watch this show with my grandmother on, I think, Sunday nights. She recognized many of the stars and I was proud of myself whenContinue reading “WILTW: Werewolves In Cabot Cove”

WILTW: Bad Science Reporting

If you are trying to eat better, one giant obstacle is sorting through all of the “information” that’s about. Low fat? Low salt? High fat, low carb? High carb, low protein? Protein, no carbs? Red wine and dark chocolate are a winning combo? Meat protein over plant protein? Vegan? And it goes on and onContinue reading “WILTW: Bad Science Reporting”