Love & Horror: John and Miriam Blaylock

‘Til death do us part is a romantic pledge that, in theory, bounds two or more souls together for their rest of their mortal journey. However, living becomes a curse without death to balance the scales and even a loving, committed relationship can take a dark turn. Such is the case of our next couple:Continue reading “Love & Horror: John and Miriam Blaylock”

Love & Horror: Stephen and Evelyn Price

It’s Halloween. Last year, I highlighted some lessons from horror movies. This year, I’m focusing on my favorite horror movie couples. When the zombies/ghosts/werewolves/elves/etc are clawing through the door, it’s great to stand shoulder to shoulder with your sig other ready to burn/chop/slice your way to freedom or die trying. If it turns out thatContinue reading “Love & Horror: Stephen and Evelyn Price”