Tuesday Terror: The Haunting of Julia (1977)


(aka Full Circle)

After her young daughter dies, Julia leaves her husband and old life behind. Starting over isn’t easy; Julia has a sense that she’s not alone. Could the disturbances be a manifestation of her guilt? When a seance opens the door to a past mystery, Julia knows she won’t have peace until she solves it.

Mia Farrow is great in this role. She is vulnerable and scared but still determined to have control over her life. Most of the people she interacts with are haunted in some way. There are no standout special effects here; the creepiness and dread emanates from the surroundings and the characters themselves.


From a modern stand point, the daughter’s death is preventable. The girl begins choking at breakfast. The parents frantically try to save her and try everything except the Heimlich maneuver. I did a little research and discovered that the Heimlich maneuver was first introduced in 1974; however, it didn’t become the 1st course of action for conscious choking victims until 1986.

After trying to dislodge the object with her fingers doesn’t work, Julia picks up and knife and tries an emergency tracheotomy. Would the child have lived if she had waited a few moments for emergency services? Or was the tracheotomy the only chance for survival? This is the guilt and fear that Julia carries on her like a shroud—even when she pretends it isn’t there.

If you are looking for a dark drama were the horror elements creep in, check out The Haunting of Julia.


Deal with your own ghosts.

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