Flash Fiction #2: Witness



Tawanna Sullivan

Tracking down the country home of reclusive actress Monica Little hadn’t been easy, but Longworth wanted the money shot. As darkness settled over the isolated estate, he crept along the bushes with his lens trained on the back of the house.

Waiting for the star to appear, Longworth was startled by a gunshot. Henri, Monica’s latest lover, emerged from the woods dragging a sack behind him. He stopped next to a freshly dug hole—a grave—and fell to his knees.

The bag stirred.

Fueled by terror, the paparazzo rushed Henri from the side and smashed his camera into the Frenchman’s jaw. Reaching for the bag, Longworth felt warmth…flesh and bone. Tearing apart the plastic, he finds—a deer.

Henri struggled to his feet. “Idiot,” he hissed through a bloody mouth. “I don’t bury her! I dig her up!”

The rejuvenated woman ascended from her retreat. Lose bits of earth fell from her brown, ethereal frame as she bathed in moonlight. The smile she graced Henri with turned vicious when her gaze fell upon the interloper. A tongue flickered over jagged teeth.

Monica Little was hungry.

(c) 2013

*You can find an explanation and flash fiction #1 here.

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