Flash Fiction #1: Famished

About this time last year, I had two flash fiction pieces accepted into an anthology…that has now been officially cancelled.

So, what the heck, I’ve decided to share them here. Story #1:



Tawanna Sullivan

It started when I let Tim have a taste of the chicken cordon blue. He talked about how lucky I was to have a woman who could cook. His old lady didn’t know how to crack an egg. I had to chuckle at that.

It wasn’t so funny when he became obsessed with my lunch. Every day, salivating over my beef wellington or eggplant towers—the man was a nuisance.

One day, Lauren stopped by to drop off my wallet and love hit Tim like a cast iron skillet. He grumbled ’bout how a beautiful woman like that deserved better than an old bulldagger.

First came the late night phone calls. Then, Lauren began going out with “friends” I’d never met. Tim stopped looking me in the eye.

When she moved in with him, Tim thought he had scored a coup. Fool maxed out his credit to give Lauren the kitchen of her dreams. Come lunch time, though, all he has to show for it is watery tuna salad on stale bread.

My ex can’t cook worth shit.
(c) 2013


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