WILTW: Beloved Belindy

Almost everyone (of a certain age) remembers the Raggedy Ann and Andy characters. This week, I learned that they had a mammy: Beloved Belindy. Like her young charges, she had her own book and was an actual doll.


More images of Beloved Belindy (Google Images)

There are a few mentions of Belindy on Raggedy Ann fan sites–one fan points out that, even though Beloved Belindy obviously looked like a stereotypical black mammy, in the books she never spoke in dialect/slang. Take a peak inside the book.

What ever happened to Beloved Belindy? According to Mammy: A Century of Race, Gender, and Southern Memory by by Kimberly Wallace-Sanders:

In 1950, after a twenty four year life span, Beloved Belindy was taken off the market as a direct result of protests from civil rights activists. Interestingly, her later appearance as a black version of Raggedy Ann, without her mammy paraphernalia, is an excellent example of revisionist history.

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