WILTW: How To Be Black

With the help of Baratunde Thurston and the esteemed Black Panel*, you too can learn:
-How To Be The Black Friend
-How To Celebrate Black History Month (buying this book is a start)
-The Pros & Cons of Being the Angry Negro
-How to become the next Black President
-How to harness the power of your blackness to become a spokesperson for the race.

Part memoir / part instruction manual and loads of fun, How to Be Black is not about limitation, confinement, or adhering to a 10 Commandments like set of rules to preserve racial/cultural purity.

How To Be Black is about being yourself because, as Elon James White would say, everything you do becomes a black thing.**

*The Black Panel is pretty diverse. In keeping with the books premise you get different views of blackness.
**This only works, of course, if you are already black. As pointed out in the disclaimer: The book is not How To Become A Black Person If You Are Not Already Black.

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