Random Bits

*A plastic bag and Saran Wrap are great for keeping a cast dry

*What would possess a man to have the faces of the 3 Stooges tattooed on his back? Then again, maybe it was a tattoo of the Pep Boys.

*Why is it that vampires foolishly leave wooden stakes is strategic spots around the castles/caves.

*If blogs/media are to be believed, black straight women want to but can’t get married and the black gay people who can get married don’t care about marriage. This is the perfect opportunity for an anti-marriage, black gay man to write a book to/for his black straight sisters: Marriage IS for White Gay People–I don’t need a husband and neither do you!

*Why is  Maybelline using the theme from Magnum PI in one of it’s commercial? I like the music–still don’t want the make-up.

*A new Hellraiser movie without the original Pin Head is like a chocolate chip cookie without the chocolate chips.

*NaNoWriMo is coming. I should start an outline. Wouldn’t hurt if I finished editing the project from last year…

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