The Big Three

The epicenter of the earthquake was in Virginia. We only felt a few tremors in the NJ/NYC area. It was my 2nd quake of the year. Both times, it felt like a subway train was rumbling beneath me. We suffered no damage, but for a few minutes those cheesy disaster movies set in NY didn’t look so preposterous.

Best line: Cicely Tyson buried beneath the ruins of a church–and fighting for her life!
(Bonus points if you spot Ray J.)

Mom’s Visit!
*We walked from Columbus Circle to 33rd street so she could take it all in–the theaters, the mega stores, the people… She took pictures of everything.
*Went to see Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark.
*She watched all of the episodes of True Blood on HBO on demand–twice. I had never seen an episode;¬†supernatural soap operas aren’t really my thing. Mom tried to explain the vampire, witch, were-leopard, fairy thing but it didn’t help. Tara is cute though.

Hurricane Irene!
The storm turned my mother’s 4 day visit into a 7 day visit. (Amtrak and flood waters don’t mix.)
Our condo association called and said, “Don’t worry, you aren’t in a flood zone, you won’t have to evacuate”. I checked the surge map from the National Weather Service–it too showed that our area was safe. Thankfully, M was not convinced and insisted we make plans to evacuate just in case. Saturday afternoon the mayor issued a mandatory evacuation for our area.

Did our area flood? Nope.
Goodnight Irene

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