Good News, pt. 1

I’ve had 2 stories accepted for the upcoming sequel to Lesbian Memoirs‘ Life, Love and Lust. This new anthology is scheduled for December 2011. Here’s an excerpt from the first story:

Losing Michelle by Tawanna P. Sullivan

Maura swerved to avoid the tree that suddenly appeared in the headlights. The car veered off the narrow road and landed in a ditch. The impact triggered the airbags and the force of their deployment shattered all of the windows. Catching her breath, Shana forced her way out of the car and staggered through mud and glass to the driver’s side door. She pulled a semi-conscious Maura out and both of them leaned against the side of the Volkswagen. “Come on, baby,” Shana said, “snap out of it. We can’t stop now.”

Maura took a step and thought her legs would give way. Grabbing onto the broken window to study herself, she felt the remaining shards slicing through her fingers. “I can’t,” she whimpered. “What are those things? Why is this happening to us?”

Shana pulled Maura into her arms and held her tight. They stood for a few moments in the dark silence, clinging to each other desperately.

Then, a low rumbling sounded in the distance. Maura turned to look down the road and saw their pursuers—an army of the undead—shambling toward them. She reached inside the car to turn off the headlights, but it was too late. “They know we’re here!”

Shana pointed to a house at the top of a hill. “We’ll take cover there. Go!” Maura nodded and took off running. Shana grabbed the shotguns from the backseat and followed her.

It wasn’t until they had forced through the back door of the building that they realized they had run into a funeral home…

Stayed tuned for an excerpt from the 2nd story.

*That image comes from the fantabulous movie Sugar Hill (1974)

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