In addition to buying gifts, people usually give to charity at the end of the year. Whether it’s the “spirit” of the season that loosens up the purse strings or a mad rush to get all of the taxable donations in, non-profits will joyfully receive whatever you have to spare.

As a rule, I try to make sure that I’m giving to a charity/nonprofit/program that whose official philosophy/belief system doesn’t think that lgbt people need to be eradicated from the world or that women need to be controlled. No feeding the hungry with one hand while threatening to cast a soul in hell with the other.

Now, some people would say, “Ignore that belief or vision that you don’t agree with because, where it matters, organization x is doing good work!” The problem with that is when there is a conflict between doing “good work” or adhering to that core belief–that organization is going to toss “good works” right out of the window. Why ask me to ignore it if they won’t?

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