221B Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes was great – lots of action, good interplay between Holmes / Watson and Holmes / Adler.  Villain was so-so.

Traditionally, Holmes has been portrayed as a brilliant mind but very reserved–he would never just be in a boxing match for the hell of it. The new Holmes is brillant but a little more vulnerable. He has to deal with his emotions (“losing” a friend to marriage, the reappearance of the only woman who stimulates his, ahem, mind) and is more human than logic machine.

He can solve a riddle before your tongue finishes telling the tale and he can smack the taste out of your mouth before you’d ever see it coming.

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Sometimes writer, most times editor. Lover of mysteries and 70s/80s horror movies. Author of The Next Girl (short story collection) and The Closet Case (mystery).

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