Went to a Japanese Buffet today for brunch and had a curious incident. The restaurant is great with separate areas for sushi, salads/fruits, hot food, and desserts. Now, today the line for hot food was a nightmare. We thought families will be home for Easter–wrong! They just brought all of the kids with them, so the line moved terribly slow.

Anyway, I’m standing in line and I notice an young guy trying hovering outside of the line. He was looking to cut in front of someone to grab some crab balls or something. Now, there are a couple of men in front of me in the line and we are all waiting patiently and moving along. Young guy waits until I’m in front of the food he wants and tries to break in front of me.

Of course, I don’t move. He turns to me (pissed) and says, “You aren’t going to let me in, are you?” The guy in line in front of me turns around to see what’s going on and I say to both of them, “Let you in? I believe this is a line.” The guy in front of me agreed and pissed guy fumed a little but got in the back of the line.

So, I’ve been wondering why he thought he could try that trick with me. Note: he didn’t even say excuse me–just thought he would be able to step in and get what he wanted.  I wonder what made him look at that long line and think I was the weakest link.

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