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Tuesday Terror: No End House (Ep 3)


Channel Zero: No End House
Beware the Cannibals (Episode 3)

I think the house gives you what you want – and steals your memories to feed itself/the creatures it manifests.
Margot wants her father. She gets the father duplicate.
J.D. wants to be an Alpha male – he meets his Alpha self…who kills and replaces him. (He didn’t even resist.)
Who knows what Seth or Jules wants….

No End House
-Good to know that the house has physical limits.
-Can I lay out the theory that’s it’s an alien creature that understand human psychology. Maybe it doesn’t need the memories so much but it eats them so that people will be complacent and happy in its world.

-Finally got with the “This isn’t my dad, what the f*ck is going on” program.
-So, that story about her dad’s suicide may be legit. That just seems like the strangest, hardest way to go. And to do it knowing she would find him? Is it weird that she doesn’t seem angry at him or the situation?
-Unfortunately, it took Not The Father revealing his true self for her to snap out of it. If he hadn’t allowed himself to be caught, how long would she have been willing to ignore his smaller (less dangerous) quirks.

Not The Father
-First, he gave us Little Shop of Horrors. “Feed Me!” Then, he gave us Jack Torrance (The Shining).
-I wonder if the man he killed was a hollow human.
-Allowing himself to be caught. I think No End House would prefer that you willfully enter into the arrangement – you can have what you want, if you feed me – but has no problem forcing the issue.
-Since we didn’t see him die, I wonder if that hole just transports him to another location.

Fake J.D.
-He may be Alpha in attitude but is he any smarter the original? Burning a body in broad daylight?
-Is he acting like original J.D. or, without the original’s imagination, is he devolving into a Beta boy?
-He’s deteriorating physically, that we know for sure…

-Jules sees the danger with Margot but not herself. Say what you want about dead fathers showing up, giant orbs that call your name and react to your touch aren’t normal either. Focusing on others to avoid our own issues never works out well.
-Oh Jules. It looks like that ball thingy with the people inside is giving you the thrill that you want. So much so that it’s taking your memories. Why have you been lying about the things you see?
-Saying that Margot was the closest thing she had to a sister means that someone or something has eating sis.
-Here’s to hoping you tell the truth before it’s too late.


-Knowing that No End House can make a great carbon copy of a person from memory, it’s possible that the Seth who met up with Jules is a fake. The real one could be off someone staring at a family in a cage.
-He was at the house with Jules; perhaps he ate her sister. Also, there’s the convo he had with fake J.D. “You’re falling apart already?” Seth knows something’s not right with JD but hasn’t blown his cover.
-Do people have condoms in alternative horror-house universes? Do they even work?
-Seth being able to ignore memories may be his superpower.

Dylan / Lacey
-Still don’t trust him. He’s willing to terrify and abuse Lacey “for her own good.” Trash.
-He was mad that an ideal husband had thoroughly replaced him. Even if they do escape and her memories of him do come back, I think he will still be resentful.
-Ideal husband went down so easy – this appears to be a flimsy world.
-I’m irritated that Margot, Jules and the gang just accept Dylan’s word

Tuesday Terror: No End House (Ep 1)


Channel Zero: No End House (Syfy)
Episode 1: This Isn’t Real

Full of guilt and grief after the death of her father, Margot has withdrawn from the world. Her friend Jules stops by to break her out of this funk. Both get a weird video announcing the arrival of No End House.

Jules convinces Margot to go to a bar where they meet J.D. (a childhood friend) and Seth (handsome stranger). J.D. knows all about No End House and fills them in on the lore. Basically, it’s a highbrow pop-up haunted house that is the stuff of legends. There are six rooms. Each successive room gets weirder, more frightening. People who are brave enough to make it into the sixth room are never seen again.

The gang goes back to Margot’s house and end up discussing their nightmares and fears around the pool. Margot sees a commercial for No End House that finally reveals its location. The group ventures to NEH and despite seeing people leaving the house sick/vomiting, they go in…and life will never be the same.

My Thoughts:
Overall, it wasn’t a bad first episode. It left me with a lot of questions and I’m willing to stick around for the answers. I don’t think the following is spoilery, but if you haven’t seen the 1st episode this probably won’t make much sense. 🙂

How is No End House related to Candle Cove?
The series have at least two things in common right off the bat:
#1 words carved on flesh.  (Mike from Candle Cove had carved “Come Home Mike” into his arm. Lacey, the very first person we see in No End House, has “This Isn’t Real” carved into her arm.)
hallw#2 the long hallway of dread/
Will all of the stories in the Channel Zero series have a big, overarching story attached to them? Could No End House be a manifestation of Eddie and/or Mike from Candle Cove?

No End House
-I like that they turned the haunted house into and art installation. It gives the event an air of pretentiousness and explains why no one is disturbed about this structure appearing out of the blue.
-The house generously gives you an exit door for the first three or four rooms. There is more than enough warning, it essentially says to them, “I know what you are afraid of and you will meet your nightmares here.” The gloves come off when you miss your last chance to leave.
-I do wonder if people who take the exit really do get to leave, but I like to think the house plays fair.

Can We Trust The Narrative? (Or the incredible moving car)
I have a strong suspicion that we aren’t watching a linear narrative.


Quick Character Notes
J.D. – I think his bust did not change because, while others hide their fears inside, he wears his on his skin (tattoos). [Funny how he is the most enthusiastic about NEH but, per Jules, is the only oen of the group who hasn’t received an invitation.]
Jules – I hope her fears don’t have anything to do with succubi/sexuality.
Margot – I wonder if she has other reasons to feel guilty.
Seth – Um, he’s cute I guess. In a puppy dog way.

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