Is there joy in Joyland? It depends…

For me, reading Joyland was like buying a bag of regular potato chips and finding a baked, “healthy” alternative version inside. The new chips may technically be better, but If it’s not what you are looking for, they won’t satisfy. Joyland is a coming of age novel. A young man is heartbroken when his girlfriendContinue reading “Is there joy in Joyland? It depends…”

WILTW: Shine On!

Stephen King has written a sequel to The Shining called Doctor Sleep. A middle aged Dan Torrance has to use what’s left of his Shining abilities to save a young girl from a tribe of old, vampire-like being who travel the US in RVs and wear lots of polyester. Yes, I will be pre-ordering thisContinue reading “WILTW: Shine On!”