Tuesday Terror: Student Bodies (1981)

A killer is terrorizing the sexually active students of Lamab High School. Toby, the last virgin in the land, is the only one concerned that fellow classmates are disappearing. Can she convince her friends of the danger and stay out of the clutches of the dude in goulashes? Student Bodies (1981) is a horror parody;Continue reading “Tuesday Terror: Student Bodies (1981)”

Tuesday Terror: The Guardian (1990)

A yuppie couple hires Camilla to look after their newborn. Little do they know, their new nanny is a Druid who kidnaps babies to fuse/sacrifice them to a special tree (the kids become wood carvings). There are wolves…and a killer tree. Yeah. Unlike other family centered horror movies, it’s the father who knows something isContinue reading “Tuesday Terror: The Guardian (1990)”