No Exchanges – No Returns (An Excerpt)

Deadly Bargain: A Colors In Darkness Anthology – on sale Feb 14th An Excerpt from my story:  No Exchanges – No Returns Victor stood off to the side as Sabrina approached the strange man and his table of curiosities. The dealer swept his dreadlocks to the side and turned on the full force of hisContinue reading “No Exchanges – No Returns (An Excerpt)”

Deadly Bargain: New Horror Anthology

No Exchanges-No Returns, my new horror story, is one of the 13 featured tales in DEADLY BARGAIN: A Colors In Darkness Anthology. Pre-order your copy today! About the book: Some deals should never be struck and some dealers should never be trusted. When faced with your heart’s desire, will you ignore that tingle in your spine orContinue reading “Deadly Bargain: New Horror Anthology”

New Story: Karma Suture (Forever Vacancy)

My story, Karma Suture, is one of 13 horror tales in Forever Vacancy – a brand new horror anthology featuring characters of color – out today, Friday the 13th. Get a taste of the terror in the excerpt below. Karma Suture excerpt: “No photography allowed.” The husky voice came from the tall woman behind the frontContinue reading “New Story: Karma Suture (Forever Vacancy)”