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Tuesday Terror: A Christmas Horror Story (2015)


Once a month, Graveyard Shift Sisters hosts #FridayNightHorror – it’s an extremely fun live-tweet of a horror movie. This month’s selection was A Christmas Horror Story.

This anthology movie has a variety of horror baddies woven together like a scarf: Krampus, evil elves, angry ghosts, teens who make stupid decisions, families whose dramas are propelled by trauma and William Shatner.

All of the characters in A Christmas Horror Story are on team bad decisions but not annoyingly so. Some of the tales may have you re-thinking the way you interpret traditional Christmas stories. This isn’t really a gory movie, but there is a moment or two that’s uncomfortable.


The scariest part of the movie? A black family in the woods – trespassing – to get a tree. The red flags were waving red flags here. (Yes, the wife tries to be the voice of reason; love with make you go along with things.)

In the big showdown between Santa and Krampus – you win. Trust me on this.


*If you hear William Shatner on the radio, just skip the holiday. Everybody doesn’t need to celebrate Christmas.
*You’ve spent the whole year being naughty? Suddenly doing the right thing may get you into heaven. Krampus don’t care.

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