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Pod Party 2 (aka Pods: The Revenge)  

Like I said in Part 1, I listen to a lot of podcasts during the week. As you may have gleaned from the title, this batch is mostly about movies.

girlswillbeghoulsGirls Will Be Ghouls features Zena (The Real Queen Of Horror) and Ashlee (the wizard behind Graveyard Shift Sisters).

Why I Listen: Two black women talking about various aspects of the horror genre, what’s not to love? Movie reviews get 2 ratings – 1 for the overall movie; 1 for character diversity.

Fav Episodes: Any of Them


screamsquadThe Scream Squad is a bi-weekly horror podcast hosted by Jamie Righetti and Chico Leo which digs into the deeper issues at play in our favorite scary movies.

Why I Listen: Because I sometimes wonder how gentrification impacts the plot of a haunted house movie.

Fav Episodes: Women Gone Wild | Monstrous Moms


micheauxmissionLen Webb and Vince Williams are on The Micheaux Mission – to watch and review every Black feature film ever released.Frequently include guests.

Why I Listen: Because I like black movies. (Be warned – one of these fellas does not acknowledge the glory of The Last Dragon.)

Fav Episodes: Definition of A Black Film | Love Jones | Eve’s Bayou


cinemosityCinemosity – Sharon, Kamille and Martin bring you a potent blend of celebrity gossip and rumor and reviews of b-movies, bad movies, and genre film. Your weekly dose of Starlets, Slashers and Cyborgs!

Why I Listen: To keep up with movie news and lively discussion of (mostly bad) movies.

Fav Episodes: The Fog (horrible remake)

More podcasts to come…

Update – Even though it’s not a podcast, one of my favorite weekly sources for horror/sci fi entertainment news is Collider Nightmares:

Holiday Double Feature: ThanksKilling & Santa’s Slay

ThanksKilling – wisecracking, homicidal turkey kills stalks 5 “teenagers”. This is a spoof horror movie that’s pretty funny. It takes standard horror movie elements that are already absurd and amplifies them by 1000. Our bird is flexible–he will use a shotgun, an axe, a knife, his beak or whatever is nearby. Best of all, he believes in safe-sex; though, it’s never quite explain how he got that extra-small, gravy flavored condom…

Santa’s Slay – I think at one point, everyone has realized that “Santa” is just “Satan” with a wayward “n”. Both entities wear red and are associated with fire–you though it was a just a quirk that Santa digs chimneys and fireplace? Well, it turns out that Santa is Satan’s only son…who lost a bet with an angel and had to spend 1,000 years spreading Christmas cheer and handing out presents. Having fulfilled the terms of the bet, Santa is now free to butcher you and your entire family–just like in the good old days. Oh, you should know that this is a comedy.

Gold star for you if you recognize former WWF wrestler Bill Goldberg as Santa!

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