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Viva Las Vegas

Things we did in Vegas…

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition – Museum like exhibit that includes lots of artifacts recovered from the wreckage, a glimpse into the lives of some of the travelers, an explanation of the class system, and an actual piece of the ship. Included in the traveler profiles is Joseph Laroche–the only black man on the Titanic–and his family.

At the end of the exhibition, you see a giant wall with the names of the Titanic passengers–separated by class–that reveals which ones survived. It’s a little jarring to walk into the next room and find yourself in the middle of an ultra tacky Titanic memorabilia store. You can get fake bling–just like some of the rings found in the wreck! Better yet, you can own an actual lump of coal from the ship!

The CSI Experience – Don’t waste your money or your time on this. If you want an interactive CSI experience–buy the PC Games from Amazon. At a bare minimum, you can get 2 pc games for under $10. In Vegas, you pay $30 for 1 “investigation” that’s just you going from room to room playing match game on computer screens. If you are a die-hard CSI fan, skip the experience and visit the CSI store. For $20, you can get your picture taken in a replica of Grissom’s office.

The Price Is Right Live Show – Fun, smaller scale version of the actual show where any audience member can get the call to “come on down”.  Everyone gets a picture in front of the big wheel delivered via email for “free”.  The enjoyment doesn’t really come with the prizes–which were fairly cheap– but the interaction with the crowd. For example, spinning the wheel and getting $1 will only get you $100 in the Vegas edition. The audience cheers like crazy anyway:

Plus, Elvis was in the Price Is Right audience. It doesn’t get better than that.

It came from the deep…

Godzilla, Cloverfield, Giant Squid, Giant Octopus, Giant Crocodiles, Ghost Ships, Deadly Ghost pirates and this thing…


I think everyone who is by a sea, ocean, or large body of water needs a monster escape plan.

I love the view from my hotel, but you never what’s out there. Waiting…


Enter The Dragon

A dragon appeared in the sky before sunrise.

A dragon appeared in the sky before sunrise.

The dragon up close.

The dragon up close.

Cronopios Book Store

When the shuttle bus lets you off in Old San Juan in the middle of a scorching hot day, you need to take a second to regroup. Cronopios book store (255 Calle de San Jose) is the perfect place to sit for a minute, whip out your tourist map, and figure out what to do. In the back of the store is a patio like area with tables, a fountain, and powerful fans. 🙂

As for what a cronopio is…we turn to wikepedia.

Fajardo Photo Gallery

Fajardo is 45 minutes to an hour east of San Juan. We stayed at the El Conquistador Resort and made a pit stop to Old San Juan. The resort is on top of a cliff–but it has a private island, Palomino Island, where guests can go to lay on the beach, ride horses in the sand, etc. Palomino is also home to other animals…who have no problem waiting by your feet for food to drop.

If you want to go for quiet, relaxation, etc – your best bet is to visit El Conquistador Monday – Friday afternoon. Friday night-Sunday, the quiet resort turns into loud, crowded place where you can barely hear yourself think in the lobby.

Fajardo is known for great seafood–and often the restaurants are literally serving the catch of the day.

Fajardo, so far…

-Rains every afternoon

-’tis HOT

-shot Aliens with M

-went to Old San Juan

-bought Gwen Ifill’s book The Breakthrough: Politics and Race In The Age Of Obama

-reading Lesbian Funk by The Lesbian Goddess (aka Kimberly Q)

-refused to pay $14.95 a day for internet access

-realized today that you can connect from the hotel lobby for free

-has been wearing shorts and crocs everywhere

-had the best coffee ever at Aureola–with whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top (and had the best flan ever, too)

-lost $20 in penny slots

-writing an outline…and moving towards starting a first draft

-loving Puerto Rico

Bad Hair Day

Theory: The quality of a man’s toupee is inversely related to the size of a man bank account.
AKA: The more money the dude has, the more likely his hair piece resembles a shaggy tribble or a dead raccoon.
I think they do it on purpose as a weird kind of ego booster. “I’ll wear this lint trap on my head but because I’m wealthy all of the other men will be forced to treat me seriously/with respect and young women/men will pretend to find me distinctive and attractive.”
I can imagine Mr. Big Stuff adjusting his toupee, slicking a flattened curl on his forehead (just because), and proudly proclaiming to the mirror, “I’m rich bitch!”

Empty Pockets

I’m in a place where many people are tanned and face-lifted to within an inch of their lives. I just paid $17 for 2 bottled waters. Okay, the 2 bottles were $14 but the bar included an 18% service charge plus sales tax. I guess that just proves I’m in a swanky place.

Hell, it’s still a cheaper vacation than Disney.

A Murder In Boca

The cracked peephole was my first clue that something was terribly wrong.

The door was forced open, so I took the .22 out of my holster and then did my best NYPD impersonation. Turns out I was too late.

The room was a mess–and so was the body.

Of course “they” didn’t find what they wanted, I had the Pasha Stone in my pocket the whole time.

Now, not only did I have to get the stone back to my client–I had to avenge a death.

No He Didn’t!

I was walking along the beach yesterday picking up shells. I was looking for nice colors and shapes so that I can experiment with my camera and photo editing software. Now, this old couple was walking by as I was examining a broken orange shell. The old man took the shell out of my hand and threw it back into the ocean. The old woman then gave me 2 perfect shells from her collection. Old man says, “That’s more like it!” And they walk on down the beach.

I was just shocked. It had happened so fast that the old folks were walking away by the time it registered in my brain that a total stranger had snatched something out of my hand. Yeah, I’m sure he meant no harm, etc.–but damn!

Sometimes broken things are beautiful.

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