Nick’s Cove

Photo Jan 03, 12 04 45 PMA couple of days ago, we met up with our friend Skye and went to Tomales Bay State Park. On the way, we saw lots of dairy farms, sheep, discussed “winter” in California, saw lots of lush landscapes and talked about Hitchcock’s The Birds.

We ended up eating at a place called Nick’s Cove. The decor was mixed – on one hand, there was the seaside motif . However, inside the restaurant, there were mounted moose heads. The food was extremely good though. if you like, you can eat inside the restaurant or take your food to a shack in the back. The shack has it’s own stove and a pitcher of water ready for anyone who wanders back there.

Photo Jan 03, 1 18 32 PMPhoto Jan 03, 12 30 10 PM

Also, there were a couple of artifacts around that–if you didn’t know any better–gave the area the look of long abandoned town.

Photo Jan 03, 11 52 15 AM

This is me being silly (pretending to be a character in a horror movie who found the wrong phone booth…):

Oh no!
Oh no!

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