Don’t Sleep On The Killer Sofa!

What a difference a few months make! It’s like we’ve been dropped in the middle of a SyFy original movie. Doesn’t it feel like sharks could rain down at any moment?

What I’ve been up to:

  • Publishing a print edition of The Next Girl & Other Lesbian Tales. It’s available via Amazon and includes a brand new story.
  • Updated this website a bit. New theme, new options. I’m still tinkering with the design.
  • Putting the finishing touches on my first novel, a mystery. More info about that soon.
  • Watching lots of movies. Some comedy horror. D’Argento. 60s/70s British horror. Give me a bunch of strange people trapped on a remote estate and I’m happy.
  • Beefed up my podcast roster. They helped me get through the office day and these work-from-home days.
  • Trying to work up the courage to make a cake from scratch.
  • Observing the birds in the bushes outside.

As for the title of this post? Well, it is good advice.

Published by Tawanna

Sometimes writer, most times editor. Lover of mysteries and 70s/80s horror movies. Author of The Next Girl (short story collection) and The Closet Case (mystery).

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