Tuesday Terror: The Blood Beast Terror (1968)


It’s England – in the time of ye old horse and carriage – and something is attacking young men who venture out into the woods at night. Inspector Quennell (Peter Cushing), the detective assigned to the case, is frustrated by his lack of progress and begins spinning unlikely theories. For example, could the killer be a giant eagle? The police officially go with the bird angle to put off the public while concentrating their efforts on finding a human villan. The truth is stranger than anything Quennell can imagine.

If you go to imdb or wikipedia, it will tell you upfront what/who the culprit is. It’s probably not possible to look this movie up without being spoiled in some way. I think the film is more enjoyable if the absurdity of what’s going on creeps up on you. (Anyone who pays attention will know who the problem lies with within the first 15 minutes; however, even knowing this doesn’t eradicate the wtf-ness of the creature reveal.)

Usually, a horror/mystery movie wraps up with a professor or policeman who connects all of the dots for the bewildered viewer. That doesn’t happen here. After the final credits roll, there are so many unanswered questions. How did this happen? Why would anyone do this? What does any of this have to do with Africa? .


Anywho some observations:

*”Raise the gas” – that’s interesting way to say it. Wait, did someone slip a fart joke in here?
*How do these men have daughters, but there no mention of wives or mothers. Were these kids hatched?
*The men wear suits to go fishing; no wonder they are so uptight.
*Peter Cushing is more offended by dust than death.

Tip: Don’t go necking in the woods if there’s a killer lurking about.

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