The Baltimore Tape


Cleaned out the car–and look at what I found!

This is a tape that I bought from a dj at “da club” in the 90’s. I labeled it Baltimore because it reminds me of home–specifically, my college years. It was my first taste of freedom–I no longer had a curfew! I had just started dating and trying to figure out how to court girls was confusing, but fun. And where do you find girls who like other girls-a place like Club Bunns.

I’d go out with friends, sit at the bar and try to sound like an adult when I order a non-alcoholic fruit punch. Got to be careful not to stand too close to your girl friends, so a potentially interested person won’t think the two of you are girlfriends. Is she looking at me? Do I look back? Who is that sitting next to her?

But then, that good music would hit and the beat reverberated through everyone and everything. Suddenly, I was just happy to be with my friends and in a whole crowd of folks who were like me.

The Baltimore Tape (contents):
Ten City – Fantasy
Loni Clark – U
Janet Jackson – Because Of Love
CeCe Peniston – Searchin
Juliet Roberts – Caught In The Middle
En Vogue – What Is Love
Whitney Houston – Queen Of The Night
Hidden Agendy ft. Kim Payton – Story of My Life
Taylor Dane – Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Baby
Grace Jones – Sex Drive
Meli’sa Morgan – Still In Love
Sound Waves – Give It Up Girl

or, you can hear them all below

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