How to Survive #1 – Go Off The Grid (Lessons from Horror Movies)

Give Up Electricity

There are waves pulsating all around us that can not be interpreted by our five senses. Electronic devices that can interpret these waves–translate them so that our senses can process them–have the potential of becoming gateways for the supernatural. Or rather, supernatural creatures can manipulate them to come into our world and frighten us to death. A cursed video tape (The Ring) is nothing without a vcr/television to view it.

If technology makes you nervous, there are lots of movies out there to feed your fears:

One Missed Call – cell phones with messages of doom

976 – Evil – automated horror-scopes come true!

Pulse – everything hooked up to electricity, even the laser printer

Or, this gem from 1989:

You’re better off just living off the land. Well, unless you have cannibals for neighbors.

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